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  • Firestore and Go

    Description:You've probably used SQL Databases, Caches, K/V stores and other data systems with Go. That's great! But sometimes you want a more universally available system for data. Something modern and type safe that allows you to iterate quickly and create a responsive system. GCP's Firestore is a great way to provide those kinds of features in your Go app! Carson will be explaining the basic ins and outs of Firestore, digging into it's Go SDK, and showing you how you Firestore can be used to

  • Intro To Convolutional Neural Networks

    https://meet.google.com/mvz-vyxv-kzp Description: Neural networks are great for complex data sets, but some sets have more features to figure out than others. Many times these features are initialized based on heuristics and they have to be tuned as the model returns predictions. With convolutional neural networks, the model tunes the features for itself. In this talk, you will learn some use cases for CNNs, how they work under the hood, and how you can create a CNN in Python. You’ll be able to

  • Go beyond the standard library to build an Autoscaling HTTP Proxy for Kubernetes

    You likely already know generally how HTTP proxies work, and you might have even built one! The requirements of such a proxy compound when they need to run on Kubernetes, and even moreso when you need to build them into an autoscaling system. When you have a working proxy in this kind of environment, the codebase looks less like a simple HTTP forwarding system and more like a deep dive into the net and net/http packages and concurrency patterns in Go. In this talk, I'll share some of the new re

  • Hold for Chamod Perera


  • Machine Learning for Humanitarian Good

    https://meet.google.com/mvz-vyxv-kzp Description: Artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning, have been increasingly utilized for humanitarian applications, from combating climate change to assessing car accidents. AI has been utilized to combat human trafficking, break language barriers, support human rights protections, conserve wildlife, solve for poverty, track and prevent pandemics, detect terrorist attacks, and more. Techniques range anywhere from linear regressi